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Harvey Legacy gen 4.4

We start with Melanie's first birthday.

She turns out as a beautiful toddler (though this may not be apparent in this photo, due to the glow)

Lucy teaches Emma all about the merits of homework parties

Pao got fat, haha. And you can see Melanie properly here.

Lucy reaches the end of her adult years. Some random kid's the only one who cares.

Oh, I hate Maxis

Post-makeover, and she's still beautiful. Lucy's just got better and better with age.

Emma ftw!

Joe's got the basics of being a good dad down... but I'm not sure whether the bathroom's the best place to read your daughter a story?

Ashley and Melanie have a shared birthday.

Obligatory toddler birthday spam

Now, from the front, Melanie looks adorable as a child. However...

Oh God, the nose, the nose!

Apart from a somewhat square jaw, Ashley's still hot stuff.

Because I never could resist a man in uniform :P

The headmaster comes over for Melanie and Emma. Joe feeds him mouldy hamburgers... 'cause, you know, that'll really help.

This is Ashley's flirting face. Attractive.
(btw, the girl there, Christy, will probably become his wife should Ashley be heir. He's obsessed with her, and she's not bad looking either)

Despite the mouldy food, the headmaster accepts Emma and Melanie into his school.

In celebration, Joe picks a fight with some random townie. In the downstairs bathroom.

Welcome to the Harvey household, where every day's a skill building day.

Fat bespectacled burglar, haha. Oh Pao, you really don't suit your job.

I'm a bad Sim God and totally forgot Emma's birthday. So she got no cake and party.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh God. The genetics. Having looked hopeful as a child, it turns out she has indeed inherited all her dad's bad genetics - squinty eyes and no top lip. Guess you're out of the running for heir.

Pao somewhat belatedly gets fit from his day of exercise, after getting home from work.

For some unknown reason, everyone decided to troop out to the graveyard and start hugging each other. Teigan's as confused as I am.

"So, do you like Harry Potter?"

"Hell yeah! Though I always thought Remus and Sirius should have got together."

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6th Aug, 2007 13:34 (UTC)
Aw, I think Melanie's a cute little girl. That nose is very distinctive! :)
7th Aug, 2007 15:09 (UTC)

I'm waiting to see whether she grows into it any as a teen, before deciding on the heir.
6th Aug, 2007 14:57 (UTC)
I loved the whole update, but the last picture and the caption is absolutely hilarious.

I also agree.
7th Aug, 2007 15:24 (UTC)
Thank you :)

Me too, obviously
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