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Change of journal

I'm getting annoyed at having all my Sims stuff in a community, rather than a proper journal, so I'm moving everything over to simtax. There will be no more updates to simsonfiyre, and I shall probably delete it soon.


Alioto Legacy gen 1.1 (CFR challenge)

This is an attempt at something a little bit different, namely the Control Freak's Restraint Challenge (aka the CFR challenge). Follow the link for full rules, but basically it's a normal legacy, but you can only have control of one Sim, and leave all others to their autonomous ways. The only Sim you can control is the founder/heir. You can choose when to change your control from one generation to the next, but once you have changed your control once, that's it for that generation.

So, here we go with the Alioto CFR legacy!

Anatomically incorrect nudity aheadCollapse )

Hope you enjoyed. More soon! :)

Harvey Legacy gen 4.5

Sorry this has taken so long, everyone. Generation 4 has been such a pain in the backside, I stopped playing for a while, and then I went away on holidays, but now I'm back I'm determined to see the end of this Generation From Hell. The light is very much at the end of the tunnel now, bear with me! 4.6 should be the last part before Generation 5 starts.

Finally! An heir!Collapse )

2.1 2.2
3.1 3.2 3.3
4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

Harvey Legacy gen 4.4

Harvey Legacy gen 4.3

Harvey Legacy gen 4.2

Harvey Legacy gen 4.1

Harvey Legacy gen 3.3

Harvey Legacy gen 3.2

Harvey Legacy gen 3.1

Another addition to generation 3Collapse )

Next update: More children. More deaths. More birthdays. More cowbell.

2.1 2.2