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Harvey Legacy gen 4.2

Teigan gets her first kiss with work colleague Joe Carr.

When you're a romance Sim, there's only one way to keep your son's headmaster sweet.

Ashley's mortified. Whether it's because he's seen his mum kissing someone who isn't his dad, or whether it's just because it's his mum and his headmaster, I don't know.

Teigan and Joe fall in love.

The twins become adults. I decide to let them stick around, for the time being at least - I hate splitting up Legacy families, 'cause I undoubtedly forget about the outcasts.

Daisy was nearing her end of days, and constantly rolling the want to see a relative get engaged, so Lucy got engaged to the headmaster BJ, mainly because he's an elder, and therefore will last the shortest amount of time.

Ashley's dad, Korey, comes to visit. Lucy congratulates him on it snowing. As you do.

Ashley runs out to give his dad a hug. Denied.

Undeterred, he tries to tell his dad all about his toys.

Still denied.

That's the idea

Nelly decided to build a snowman in the graveyard. As you do.

Lucy finds her fourth love in the postman, Pao Mellon.

Hai, plz to be coming back in a future generation, kthx

That would be Lucy and Pao

Too much woohooing = Lucy starves to death.

Jacob begs for his daughter's life

Jacob ftw

Ashley: Dude, I can't get to my dinner, my dead mother's in the way!

Welcome back. Don't do that again, plz.

Birthday time for Ashley


Pao got Lucy pregnant.


Teigan and Joe get engaged... they were too sickeningly adorable a couple not to allow to get married.

Jacob bitches about how Lucy's the only person in the household without a job, despite the fact they really don't have any money problems by now.

Second pop!

What do you do when heavily pregnant? Go clubbing with the father-to-be, obviously.

Ashley: still hot, even in pyjamas


Lucy has a daughter, Emma, with the Harvey family's black hair (I'm so sick of black hair now), and dad's blue eyes and skin colour.

All these people can't be wrong. It's a baby!

2.1 2.2
3.1 3.2 3.3


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2nd Aug, 2007 17:29 (UTC)
*gasp* Pao Mellon! He's the mailman for one of my legacies and I want to kill him off (patriarchy, you know)...but I also want to play with his genes.
*gasp 2* Joe Carr! Him, too! Except for the killing off part. Actually, one of the legacy's spares had kids with him (triplets) with interesting results.
2nd Aug, 2007 17:33 (UTC)
I have a strong suspicion Emma's going to turn out fug... I mean, Pao isn't really a looker. But we'll see.
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