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Harvey Legacy gen 4.5

Sorry this has taken so long, everyone. Generation 4 has been such a pain in the backside, I stopped playing for a while, and then I went away on holidays, but now I'm back I'm determined to see the end of this Generation From Hell. The light is very much at the end of the tunnel now, bear with me! 4.6 should be the last part before Generation 5 starts.

This update starts with the eldest child of Generation 4, Ashley, snogging his girlfriend in the snow. Nothing strange there.

However, having your uncle watch from slightly too close? That is strange.

Emma, meanwhile, is planning ahead.

Yes, yes, very sweet, yadda yadda. You're fugly Emma, there's no way you're going to be heir. So really, I don't care.

Teigan gets old-like.

And Ashley becomes a Proper Man.

Apparently, he didn't suck.

Is Christy really interested in the stock market?

Didn't think so.

Lucy tried her hand at repairing the dishwasher, and not only did she electrocute herself...

She set the bloody kitchen on fire *headdesk*

Get in my legacy plz

Emma and Michelle have some snuggle time

And other such sickeningly romantic couple-y stuff

Oh, here it comes. Melanie's teen birthday... the moment I decide whether it's her or Ashley for heir.

That would be Melanie, then.

Your family's time is up, Pao. Please leave the Big Brother house.

Teigan, Joe and Melanie show no remorse at the sudden thinning in family numbers.

Lucy, Pao, Ashley and Emma leave the house. Bye! Hope never to see you again!

Yeah, she's hot.

Ooh, blond thing! Blond is one of Melanie's turn-ons.

Way to greet a possible future husband, Mel. In your underwear. What if he's a paedophile, hmm?

Everyone wanted a shop. So I gave them one. This was as exciting as it ever got (I'm rubbish with the business stuff)

Joe failed at shopkeeping, and the business was closed shortly after.

Daisy's ghost has a wander to complain that I deleted her bed??

Aww, an early morning dance with your dad. Sweet.

Urm, he's your dad! I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate.

Teigan and Joe got made astronauts. I love the uniform.

The house gets downsized for a household of 3, rather than 7

One small, happy family

What could this mean?

Well done *claps* Shame it wasn't your LTW.

Remember what I said about this family being somewhat inappropriate?


Hehe, Joe had a go at Teigan for flushing the toilet while he was in the shower.

Melanie started making herself toaster pastries, then got distracted by the school bus. Fail.

I think he may have potential. Shame he's not blond.

Joe ftw!

"Hey dad, congrats on making it snow and stuff."

Oh hai random hot blond dude

Heh. Gay. Should have figured.

Aren't you a little young for that sort of literature, missy?

Having finished with her porn, Melanie sneaks out with a school friend, who just so happens to own a LIMO. SRSLY!

This is just to celebrate the fact that, at this point, I finally worked out how to up my graphics settings. Yay better graphics!

I'm not even going to try and guess what happened here. I have no idea.

Ah, marital bliss.

Joe thinks back to happier times

Joe joins Teigan at the top of the career track. Shame it's not his LTW, either.
(Teigan, Joe and Melanie all have the same LTW: Own 6 top level businesses. Bloody fortune Sims. I'm rubbish with business stuff, so no way that's going to happen for any of them.)

Still sexy. Still suave.

Joe's new carpool.

Joe: Noise! DO NOT WANT!

Plz be hot, plz be hot, plz be hot

*throws things in a celebratory manner* The picture isn't the most flattering, but trust me, she's hawt stuff.

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