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Alioto Legacy gen 1.1 (CFR challenge)

This is an attempt at something a little bit different, namely the Control Freak's Restraint Challenge (aka the CFR challenge). Follow the link for full rules, but basically it's a normal legacy, but you can only have control of one Sim, and leave all others to their autonomous ways. The only Sim you can control is the founder/heir. You can choose when to change your control from one generation to the next, but once you have changed your control once, that's it for that generation.

So, here we go with the Alioto CFR legacy!

Meet our founder, and current controllable Sim, Martine Redding. Yes, Redding. The first generation, as you will see, was glitched to hell, so she didn't keep that surname for very long. Also, she has dark blue eyes. Not green. New default eyes aren't the best.

Anyway, stats:

Sloppy: 2
Outgoing: 8
Lazy: 1
Serious: 5
Nice: 9

Turn ons: Black hair/plantsimism
Turn off: Lycanthropy

LTW: Become Hall of Famer

Martine starts off with a dog, Roxanne, aka Roxie.

Legacy shack. Slightly nicer than your average, due to a small lot.

Welcome wagon ftl: Open For Business people, and playable characters from my other legacy

Roxie is far more entertaining than the useless welcome wagon

Default eye change! There we go, dark blue.

I take her to a skating rink to look for eligible men. Still all OFB losers.

I take her skating anyway. She fails.

A random male townie does finally turn up, but he's only interested in skating, and buggers off the second he gets off the rink.

That evening, Martine gets invited on a group outing from a man she doesn't know, and who also doesn't like trains all that much.

This is what awaits her at their destination. Lots of choice, hurrah!

She decides to go chat about films with this pretty piece of man-flesh, Komei Alioto.

Komei just hates how they're getting along so well

But is perfectly happy to elaborate on what he'd like to do to our dear founder

The flirting commences

And then Martine decides she's had quite enough and would like to go to bed now kthxbai

I get her to scope the room while she's waiting for a taxi - luckily she thinks Komei's the hottest there.
Oh, and that thought bubble over his head? Omen of glitches to come.

The next morning, she doesn't fail at cooking. Hurrah!

She invites Komei over, and they greet with some awkward nodding action. The maid is amused.

Martine = nerd

By that evening, they're all over each other.

He gets Roxie's seal of approval

It must be love...

He moves in, brings practically no money, and gets a hawt makeover. Oh, and it turns out he's a young adult. Who didn't age up when he moved in (yay glitches!)

Komei Alioto
Sloppy: 2
Outgoing: 8
Lazy: 2
Playful: 6
Nice: 7

LTW: 20 lovers


Martine = beautiful

"This is my angry face"

Beautiful, yes. Intelligent? Not so much.

Komei doesn't fail at cooking either!

He knows what he'll get for cleaning up ;)

Living with your girlfriend. You're doing it wrong.

More Roxie!spam

Guess he couldn't wait to use the bath after Roxie was done being washed.

I need to get me an anatomically correct male skin :/

Living with your girlfriend. You're doing it right.

Proposal, thinks I! That'll age him up! It was not to be.

Damned romance Sims.

The Athletic career track finally pops up. Time to get going on that LTW.

Engagement, you're doing it wrong.

There you go. Clever boy.

Way to fail, Martine.

...I guess that makes up for the being fired

Wedding, thinks I! That'll age him up!
Apparantly not. Also, there was another glitch when meant I had to break the rules of the CFR challenge to get them married - he was the only one with the propose > get married option. So she became an Alioto. Fail.
I ran out of ideas to get him to age up at this point. So, unfortunately for him, I started planning his demise.

Pillow fights, it's what all the cool kids do at weddings

There's a little Alioto (try saying that 3 times over when drunk) on the way

Keeping warm, you're doing it wrong

Pop 2!

Marriage, you're doing it wrong!

Oh Komei, I'm going to miss your sofa-sleeping ways :'(

Baby time!

Komei and Roxie? More interested in food.

Martine is, understandably, pissed off by this

Komei finally dashes over... and looks suitably bored by the proceedings

Wilcommen, Jennifer Alioto. She has Martine's dark blue eyes and brown hair, and a skin tone somewhere between her parents'.

Komei is the perfect dad (the stench clouds? They're from Komei, not Jennifer). I will be very sad to kill him.

Jennifer gets a nursery

Motherhood, you're doing it wrong

Those stench clouds? Jennifer's.

I eventually tell Martine what to do. Fool.

A decent nanny! For the first, and probably last, time

I broke the rules one last time to send Komei into the pool, then removed the stairs. I'm so sorry, Komei, I'd grown to love you...


What's this, a different nanny?

No, just a second one. For some reason, Jennifer gets two nannies. Yay glitches!

After the obligatory grieving period, I send Martine out to find a new plaything. This one seems alright.

She gets straight to the flirting.

His name is Zeeshan Bar, and he's a senior manager. That = adult. Hurrah.

As they're leaving together, she scopes the room and decides this is one fine piece of pretty. I have to disagree, I'm afraid, Martine.

Martine and Zeeshan get with the kissing back home

And then it's time for a birthday.

She's adorable before her makeover

She's a little mummy-clone *squee*

Jennifer Alioto
Sloppy: 2
Outgoing: 8
Active: 9
Playful: 6
Nice: 1

And we end on the ever-adorable yawning toddler shot.

Hope you enjoyed. More soon! :)


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